Black Vue Dr750x

Black Vue Dr750x


It Goes Beyond The Basics

The DR750X-2CH PLUS is the most popular and durable Full HD twin dash cam system we provide. You can rest easy knowing you’re always safe thanks to the all-new Sony STARVISTM night vision and all-new built-in power management circuitry.
Connect to your BlackVue through Wi-Fi to access files and view a real-time life stream view your dashcam with the BlackVue App.


Wi-Fi BlackVue

Built-in WiFi is included with BlackVue cameras for simple access to recorded videos and camera settings. For added convenience, users can now download essential footage to their iOS or Android device.

Easily adjust BlackVue setup settings and browse through your videos. Connect to your BlackVue through Wi-Fi to access files and view a real-time Live View of your dashcam with the BlackVue App.

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Enhanced Night Vision

The brand new, incorporated Sony STARVISTM technology enables improved Night Time Vision recording, letting you see foreign objects in low light circumstances with ease.
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Sony Starvis™ Image Sensor

The latest Sony STARVISTM 2.1MP sensor improves vision in both day and nighttime conditions.
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Compatible File Management System

The BlackVue file system improves recording stability and reduces the need for mSD card formatting.


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